Ultimate Cops – Psytronik Software

cops_logoAlf Yngve blasts back onto the Commodore 64 with the definitive collection of super-enhanced COPS games.  This compilation features FOUR full games from Alf featuring brand-new front-ends, enhanced in-game effects, new power-ups, stunning bitmap presentation screen and superb soundtracks.  The package also features two previously unreleased COPS bonus games!

The budget disk version of ULTIMATE COPS is presented on 5.25″ floppy disk in a full colour glossy disk-sleeve featuring artwork by legendary artist OLIVER FREY. The floppy disk also features a full colour label and the budget version includes an 8 page instruction booklet.

PLEASE NOTE: This release is PAL only.

[youtube FXj7bLVBx2o nolink]

Available to buy now on tape, floppy and digital download from Binary Zone Interactive.

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