Lemmings sculptures in Dundee

One of Dundee’s most famous computer game creations has been immortalised as the city’s latest piece of public art.

[youtube C4mqdLWTLMw nolink]

The Lemmings sculptures, featuring the popular gaming characters clambering over a stone pillar, appeared unannounced in Seabraes earlier this July, sparking a flurry of online excitement from locals and from fans of the legendary game across the world who have hailed them as “awesome”.

It has now been revealed that the Lemmings are a new public artwork by sculptor Alyson Conway.

Lemmings, originally developed for the Amiga by Dundee-based DMA Design, was one of the UK’s first blockbuster titles, selling 55,000 copies on its first day, and eventually recording over 15 million sales.

Photo gallery: Dundee’s new Lemmings sculptures

The new Seabraes sculpture sits a few hundred yards away from the site of DMA Design’s former office in Nethergate, where the game was developed in the early 1990s.

The sculpture follows on from other public art, including the Minnie the Minx and Desperate Dan statues in the city centre, reflecting Dundee culture.

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