SID-FixerThe SID Fixer is a small circuit board for installation inside your Commodore 64 or 128. It allows you to mount both an old and a new SID at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to manually switch between the two chips on-the-fly, but even more interesting, it enables music player software to automatically select and use the appropriate SID. Imagine your trusty old Commodore being able to play each and every tune in the High Voltage SID Collection on the correct SID chip without you having to swap computers between every other tune! All done automatically!!! The SID Fixer allows for easy installation. It fits right into the SID socket of your Commodore with no soldering required.

  • 100 orders: 79,90€
  • 200 orders: 64,90€
  • 300 orders: 59,90€

Online pre-ordering will be made available later. Until then, non-binding orders can be given at until an online method will be available.

Full specifications flyer can be downloaded here.

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