AmigaRemix Updates

amigaremixLatest added remixes over at AmigaRemix are as follows:

  • Turrican II – Desert Rocks (metal version 1.1) Aki Järvinen Chris Hülsbeck
  • Beyond The Ice Palace (metal version) Aki Järvinen David Whittaker
  • Goldrunner (Maccie Pimp Me Up Remix) Scyphe Rob Hubbard
  • Aeromute (multi-platform-remix).mp3 Scyphe Modesty
  • Turrican II – Traps Hache Chris Hülsbeck
  • Stardust Memories chabee Volker Tripp (Jester) of Sanity
  • Pirates – Retromix DerDiener Microprose
  • Turrican – Freedom Titanic Remix ThOMber Chris Hülsbeck
  • Logical Green AarbronBeast Rudolf Stember
  • Apprentice Title Remix (Short Edit) CZ Tunes Chris Hülsbeck
  • Echoing remix moonove Banana
  • Turrican 2 – Level 1 remix moonove Chris Hülsbeck
  • Turrican 2 – Traps (Turricano Dos – El Trapo) Mahrellon Chris Hülsbeck
  • Elvira (The Frozen Earth) Isacco Garcia Peveri Phillip Nixon
  • Bubble Bobble Title Gigatron David Whittaker
  • Agony Medley SunSpire Various Artists: Jeroen Tel, Martin Iveson, Martin Wall, Robert Ling, Tim Wright


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