New Games from Psytronik

Psytronik has some new games in store.
Noteworthy are especially Guns’n’Ghosts and Flubble & Squij.

Guns’n’Ghosts is a thrilling zombie blast for up to two players.
guns_promo_smThe different types of enemies and the well-thought-out weapon reload system characterize this game. Impressively there’s over 70 screens in one load! We would have loved a 4 player version – but anyway we recommend this game.
flub_03Flubble & Squji is a jump’n’run game with a headstrong steering and an en even more strange way to battle monsters.

That’s done by turning yourself fast and slashing your surroundings with your tail. The scrolling is one-wayed, but there are teleporters that can bring you back again. Through this the levels can become quite tricky. A lot of endurance is required, because if you lose a life in Flubble & Squji, you’ll have to master the whole level again.

A playable preview of Flubble & Squij is available from GTW64!:


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