WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 7


– SCSI UNIT ATTENTION/MEDIA MAY HAVE CHANGED clears when TEST UNIT READY is executed, not when UA status is read by using REQUEST SENSE. Fixes ATAPI CD disk change issues with some AOS ATAPI drivers.
– Accessing real CD (or CD emulator) in non-SPTI mode returned read errors depending on what kind of imaginary geometry IOCTL_CDROM_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY returned.
– Memory bank change (reset) removed new memwatch debugger watchpoints.
– Built-in lzx decompressor didn’t always decompress last byte of file correctly…
– b4 drive spinup update change: also don’t enumerate drives if new config entry is found but drive path fails to open and returns “not found” error (for example USB card reader not connected)
– When switching from RTG to native fullscreen or vice versa, re-open fullscreen mode if number of backbuffers, selected monitor, refreshrate or vsync mode is different.
– New adf or hdf path was not converted to relative in relative path mode.
– Added VID 0x79d, PID 0x0201 (“USB ADAPTOR”) analog joystick to USB adapter to rawinput blacklist.
– “Error log” button becomes visible in bottom part of GUI if any kind of config error was detected or config required fixing, for example directory or harddrive failed to open, attempting to enable Z3 fast with 24-bit address space CPU etc. (Currently many messages can be confusing and not all important messages are enabled)
– Tape drive LOAD/UNLOAD SCSI command fix, error message during Amix 2.1 retension tape command.
– Picasso IV in Z2 mode + Z2 Fast RAM enabled used incorrect internal memory mapping (missing graphics etc..)
– Only call D3D SetMaximumFrameLatency() when buffer flipping mode is immediate. Vsync waited flipping caused major slowdown if emulation created frames faster than current display refresh rate.
– Increased “CPU slot” Max RAM size from 64M to 128M.

– Removed 68040+ “cycle-exact” support. It was useless and does not fit in new 68020/030 ce handling without creating new CPU emulation core.
– Added 68020 and 68030 instruction cache dump command to debugger (“rc”). * = data valid.
– JIT + more compatible problem fixed.

Following is work in progress. Do not use 68020/030 cycle-exact modes. Timing is broken. Other modes work fine.

– Added 68030 manual head/tail/clocks timing values to table68k, gencpu automatically calculates final values for 68020 (=68030 + 1 wait state added) and 68030 cores using table68k values and EA timing formulas. Only includes 680×0 common instruction so far, 68020+ only instructions and addressing modes and rarely used instructions do not have cycle-exact timing yet.


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