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You can contribute to the Commodore is Awesome website in many ways.


If you have boxes, game manuals, media’s or other kinds of media like scene diskcovers, magazines, votesheets etc, and access to a scanner, we welcome the scanned images of these, there is no limit to what we accept, as long as it’s related to the Commodore computers.

  • Scans must be in minimum 300dpi
  • Scans must be in colour unless they were originally in black and white to start with.
  • Scans must be in either jpg, png or bmp, preferably png.
  • Scanned images must be gathered in a zip/7zip file before uploading.
  • All contents are welcome and includes, but not limited to: Box, Manual, Disks/Tapes (labels),maps, keyboard overlays, commercials magazines, registration cards, posters etc. In other words. everything your boxed game contains.

If the media you are scanning is very thin, and the result is that you can see through the page, a black piece of cardboard/paper that covers the media on top gives a great result. This also helps in cropping the image for stuff that needs cropping, like a keyboard overlay.

You also get a better result if you have something on top of the media you are scanning, this could be an A4/Letter paper-block before closing the scanner lid.

For thick manuals, removing the metal clips and scanning the paper pages individually gives much better result than opening the manual and scanning. Opening the book usually creates a false shadow, a grey area where the manual doesn’t touch to the scanner surface.

We can stitch pictures that are larger than what your scanner can handle, just make sure that your scanned images overlap sufficiently (i.e. 2 inches / 50mm).

It’s recommended that you name the images for what they contain, especially if there are multiple booklets, like Manual, Adventurers Journal etc. In Windows 7 it’s quite easy, mark all the images, i.e. for the manual, press F2 (for rename) type in “manual” without the quotes and hit enter. All selected files will be renamed to manual (x), where X is a sequential number.

Writing how-to guides

If you have a knack for writing how-to guides with pictures and/or videos, you are mostly welcome to do so in our forum.

Idea’s or something else

If you have an idea on how to improve CIA, or even something else, please feel free to contact us using the contact form or join us on IRC.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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