Oricutron v1.0

PulsoidsOricutron (formerly known as Oriculator) is an emulator for the Oric series of computers, and the Pravetz 8D. It is written in plain C, and uses SDL. It is designed to be portable and is available for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, MacOS and Windows.

Changes since v0.9

  • Pravetz Dos-8D disk support
  • Better Pravetz emulation
  • Telestrat now basically working
  • Fixed some rendering issues in the debugger
  • Now defaults to no joystick instead of IJK
  • Some minor fixes in the joystick code
  • Support for .ort files from commandline
  • Commandline options for turbotape, lightpen and scanlines
  • On windows, error messages now pop up in a message box
  • Textattrs are now properly reset at the start of each line again
  • Better telestrat VIA display in the debugger
  • Fixed backslash key
  • Various improvements to the build system
  • 8-bit display mode for low-end systems
  • Various optimisations


  • Added version tag in guide


  • Various fixes and tweaks

Website: http://code.google.com/p/oriculator/

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