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123638Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

CaptainFuturePETSCII, Intro #27 Xenox [AFL], Squarefrac, Last Ninja [discarded version], Space Towers +12HM, Raw2pet, sny [discarded version], Feel Like Dancing, Return of the Jedi, Yours Balls, Guennie, Wearing Sunglasses at Night, Punched Monkey, Terrain &DG, sm, ?Entropy Too High Error, The Game is Apaw!, Pillars and Wheels, Dragon Attack, C=MPS803, Molwas, Chessboard, Pikachu, M.U.L.E. Main, Wine and Cheese, Mayan God of Fear, End Game – The Boss Stag, Bomberland +5PD, Bmp2pet, Victimer, Cold Red Scarf, Bomberland +10PD, Petscii “Mesh-Wire”, Alfred E. Neuman, Medieval Castle, C6-IntroCompo, Onslaught Intro [Hellfire V2], Tarzan +4DM, Sheriff Luppo, Wolves Special Edition, Asterix bei den Pikten, Live Free or Die, Comptro, Petscii “Ghoul”, Duke Nukem rsid Digis, BMP2MC, Tear, Hexenkueche, Cashback, HELP, Baum Paar, Fire & Ice, Kind of Magic, Moozak, AFL+HF Coop Intro, Wasted Time, Donald Duck, Cosmic Tribe, Made in the 80s, New York, 007, Platte 80, No More Italo, Sentinel, Ye Ba Ny, Into the Darkness, Into the Darkness, Porr med lök, Duke Nukem rsid Digis rev2, Who to Thank?, BMP2MC V1.1, Live and die, The Last Ninja, Funkeln, Meanwhile in an Other Galaxy, Petscii “Fairplay” (FUNEntry), Last Ninja V 1.b, Laseczka, 50 Shades of Grey, Forever Young, Dawn of Reason, Black and White, Racism is Blind, JL, Load_Error, Gammal man, Limon REU WAVE Player v3.0d, Monkey Strong!, Loda Error, Conrad Dash, BMP2PETLOGO, BMP2LOGO, Anim8, BMP2MC V1.2, Mantis, Mikulas vs. Krampusz, Back Home, Elvis, Cool Alien, Petscii “Dragon’s Gate”, Stereo-type, Hey let’s play!, Sword and Shield, Island of Secrets V1.1 &SOL + MAP, Cubotter Theme, Petscii “Nippon Temple”, Ready-Set-Go!, ATA-Intro “Blue Grass”, Super Bread Box +D [EasyFlash], BMP2MC V1.23, Petscii “Newton’s Law” (FUNEntry), Asymmetric Anger, The Valley Introscreen, Innocence, Smuts, Hell o ween, Sabbat, Mantis Compo Version, Halloween 2013, Thanx you 64, Midnight Hour, Surround Sound Stereo Sidplay 2 fp sid player, BMP2MC 1.232, The Hidden Introscreen, Inspectør Knudsen, Selenopolis, Delysid Blubber Intro, Multicolor Testscreen, Alla helgons dag 2013, Hell o ween [pal/ntsc], The sign, forever!, C6-DYCPIntro, ‘Mouse #5’ Intro, Devoted Voting Engine, The Goar Special Edition, Green Sleeves, Form3001, Gold Quest V +2H, Sheer Earth Attack (Enhanced) +2H, Dodo’s Deep Doo-Doo, Super Bread Box +5D 101%, Bloodwheels +2, Dodo’s Deep Doo-Doo +2D, 1991 Invitation, I heard it through the Grapehein, BMP2MC V1.23(4) and Vandalism News #60.

Source: CSDb

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