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124002Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Zoo- ja zorkkatauti, Bubbling Under, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Soy un Delincuente, Monday Night, The Blue Album, Roller Scroller, Beisikki demo, Atlantis + F4CG co-op Intro, The War of the Worlds &D, Code 7 Intro One, Grandma Was a Druglord, Hortus Zoologicus, GMSHC-VQ Test, Exploding Fist, Ninja enters the battle, Kollo, Just Now I Feel Fairly Light-headed, No more bets?, The Doom Simulator, Catch the Wave, Do you know what you are doing?, Demo tulee vielae, Tipu, Black Dynamite, Zookeepah, Napanatsi, Variable Medusa, Spaceout, Voe Mahoton, Helltitts, Smoke King, Keskity olennaiseen, N’trans, Zoo Cover, Eagles Jump, Dunc Und Stink, Senpituinense, Taas arkipaeivaeh, Secret Agent, Bokl0v, Great Crested Grebe, Zootoyoo, 45theorum, Funky as Frank, Reset #1, Mesmerized, Helsingin vesistoe, The Lahti Experience, Setä, Ei siis hai(res), Bonus Game, AncientAstro, Orangii., Behind the Zoo, Stamps back!!!, Everything is Octopusied, Those Were the Days, Fastlane, Kala, Armageddon, Splash, An Eye For An Eye and Slendy.

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