AmigaOS 4: Game DVD 1 with 70 game ports

gamedvd ACube Systems have announced a game-DVD which is from now on available in the ACube-shop. It includes about 70 ports, which either are available for the first time or which were updated compared to existing versions (bug fixes, Joystick-support etc.).

If a game or engine should require external level data then they are not included in the DVD due to license reasons. Instead, the included installer will download the files from the Internet during the installation.

The following games are available on ‘Game DVD 1’

RPG/Adventure: Flare, Polymorphable, Zelda-TimeToTriumph, Zelda-OniLinkBegins, Zelda-ReturnoftheHylian, Zelda-Solarus-DX, Zelda-Solarus-XD and ZeldaPicross (French only).

Racing: zeRace

Arcade: BallGameHD, Beat2X, Bomber, Breakers, CandyCrisis, Linball, MiniSlug, OpenBOR, PangZero, ShootingstarGL, Tetris, TetrisLAN and Tong.

First Person Shooter: Hexen2, Hhexen, Hheretic, PrboomGL, PRBoomPlus and Rise_of_the_Triad.

Puzzle: Airball, Anagramarama, HexGem, Lpairs, MissDrillerXtrem, Numpty Physics, OpenGF, Pathmania, PatienceMahjongg, Pingus, Primrose, PushOver, SokobAMIGA, SUDoQ, Tongits and Zaz.

Platform: Frogatto, MegaMario, NX-Engine, REminiscence, SecretMaryoChronicles and SuperMarioWar1.7AFE.

Shoot’em Up: 1941-DELUXE-2.0.6-DUAL-PLAYER, LightDroid-JapAnim, LightningSpirit2, Lightning_Symphony, Lonesome, Noiz2sa, Odyssee, OpenTyrian, PowerManga, Spirit, ThunderSlash and Volta.

Demos: Fire1.0 and glExcess-1.0-sound.

Emulators: Handy (Lynx)NeoPop (NeoGeo), ohboy (GameBoy), oSMoSe (Sega Master System), PokemonMini (Pokemon Mini), SMS-Plus (Sega Master System) and Virtual-Jaguar (Jaguar).

Dev-Bonus: LibBoostyGfx, HunoJoyWrapper-lib-OS4, Libbox2d, libintl, snes_spc and snes_spcFAST.


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