WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 14

– GUI didn’t work in fullscreen modes.
– Input panel lost all keyboard events (not even Test button accepted any key presses) in some situations, already non-working config files can’t be fixed. Older bug.
– New frames interlace mode (without blacklines) now only redraws changed lines.
– 68040 without FPU: unimplemented FPU exception used wrong exception vector.
– 68020+ DIVL div-by-zero exception in cycle-exact mode didn’t skip prefetch phase.
– Do not set lightpen triggered state when BPLCON0 lightpen bit is set unless lightpen is also configured in gameports or input panel.
– Fixed crash if disabled keyboard had (old) gameport mappings.
– Autoscale size change comparison used wrong value (width, not height) causing slow down, forced config change check every frame.
– Added configurable directory filesystem file/directory name length limit, currently config file only, filesys_max_name_length=x, files and dirs with longer names are not seen in Amiga-side (directory operations only)
– Really fixed sound sync timing issue, partly introduced in b1 and b13.


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