WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 15

– Removing directory harddrives on the fly crashed in some situations.
– Interlace with black lines (“fields+”) didn’t always work correctly.
– Only allow GUI mininize button if emulation has not yet been started, minimizing GUI when emulation window is open only causes problems..
– Copper debugger (od) shows when blit waiting WAIT ends and also stores copper instruction words when copper fetched them, shows ‘!’ if words have changed since copper fetched them. (Previously it was possible to see copper list in state that makes no sense if program modified it after copper executed it)
– Add 16M to Z3 start address if Processor slot RAM is set to 128M, prevents KS RAM detection to confuse Z3 board as being part of Processor Slot RAM.
– Cirrus Logic graphics board enabled but inactive and refresh set to Chipset slowed down emulation.
– Sprite stuck in non-DMA mode was not correctly restored from statefile. (Has never worked previously)
– Adjusted programmed refresh rate blanking start and end position calculations.


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