WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 16

Beta 16: (RC1. Next week.)

– Z3 RTG base address was not adjusted if Processor Slot RAM was 128M.
– Writing to high BPL pointer when next cycle does same bitplane number DMA fetch: old address is used for fetch. (Powertrax / The Light Circle graphics glitch)
– Added workaround for Windows 8.1 bug, after SetCursorPos() call WM_MOUSEMOVE returns new coordinate as expected, then comes single message with old coordinate (this shouldn’t happen) before it works correctly again. This fixes “Windows mouse” jumping ~50 pixels while moving the mouse. Rawinput HID mouse is not affected by this bug. (No, KB2908279 does not fix it, I guess working fix will be released someday)
– “Install mouse driver” + RTG mode has been unusable since 2600b1.
– Re-enabled “CIA TOD bug” by default but only in A500-like modes.
– Built-in HRTMon updated to 2.35
– Built-in AROS ROM updated. Added memory hack, bootup structures are allocated from hidden memory pool (located at 0xa80000-0xb80000, automatically enabled if built-in AROS rom is in use), when AROS starts booting from disk or HD, hidden pool is marked as full and all following allocations come from normal RAM. Now even 512k chip only config will boot and work with AROS rom replacement. Hack only used if CPU has 24-bit address bus. (68000/68010/68EC020).


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