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125552Laxity Intro #56 (Old Hotline style), [atl+f4] Blue intro, FTA Intro #6, Star of Africa +TD 101%, Moving Window Intro, XnX-AFL Fighter Intro, TRIAD “Disco intro”, Green intro, [atl+f4] Stars Intro, Channels – spadpcm1, Genesis Project “Asteroids Intro”, Golden Times, DNS Love, XnX-AFL Micro Intro, Bouncy Bouncy, Echo #17, Falling Stars, Atlantis – Rasterintro, Haris Pilton Intro, Back to 80s, Wavey, Mr.Pro Intro, Genesis Project “Ghettoscene Ultras Intro”Revenge of the Tomato (16KB Cartridge Version), Vallation +2D, Kobo64 (16KB Cartridge Version), Micro Hexagon (16KB Cartridge Version), Magic Duel, Monster Buster, Monster Buster, Rocket Smash [16KB Cartridge Version] +2H, Monster Buster +2F [pal/ntsc], Cosmic Ark +D, Bloody ‘brella, Powerglove (RGCD Compo Edition), Candle Burner v1.1 (16KB Cartridge Version), Magic Duel (16KB Cartridge Version), Linus vs. Simon (16KB Cartridge Version), Invert (16KB Cartridge Version), Vallation (16KB Cartridge Version), Devil Ronin (16KB Cartridge Version), Rocket Smash (16KB Cartridge Version), Monster Buster (16KB Cartridge Version), Bellringer III (16KB Cartridge Version), Little Trip to Nowhere, Invert +7HFD [pal/ntsc], Micro Hexagon +, Laxity Intro #55 (Line Printer)Powerglove [RGCD Compo Edition] +D, Cosmic Ark (16KB Cartridge Version), Monster Buster +2, Candle Burner v1.1 +, Candelburner, Kobo64 +3, Invert +2, Bellringer III +2D, Devil Ronin +2, Linus vs. Simon +F [pal/ntsc], Leon, WOW C64 Surround Sound SIDPlayer V1.1, Nagasyan Theme, Kobo64 V2 +2M, Kobo64 V2 +2M 100%, Hunt for Bubber’s Bathtub +3CEFD 101% [pal/ntsc], Blow the Bass, St Nicholas, bmp2spr – an easy to use image to sprite converter, Nelson Mandela, 8k Black Box ROM dump, Powerglove V1.2 +D, 1 Kilobyte of GOA, Powerglove (RGCD Compo Edition V1.2), Zaehlrohr, Rust, View64 v1.56, The Forest Deep, Alone in the Wind, Powerglove +4D, CiA Radio Awesome Logo 6, The Vice Squad +6D, D64 Editor 0.032 and Leon 2.

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