Runstop Radio – Non-Stop Video Game Remixes

runstopradioRunstop Radio is a new upcoming game orientated Radio Station run by anesthesia (a long time SLAYRadio listener and a c64 demo scene veteran)
Playing not only c64 remixes but remixes from various other videogame platforms.
Running at 192 kbit/s 24/7, Runstop Radio promises in the future, Live shows and more and looks to be very promising for those of you who are into internet Radio and Retrogaming, which let’s face it must be 99% of you reading this right now? :)

They also have their own irc channel which is over at efnet #runstopradio, come along and chat about ideas for the new station and future tunes you would like to be added to the playlist and general retrogaming chat.

To tune into the station click here, you can also tune in via ipv6 as well.


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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