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126202Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Merry C=Mas 2013, C6-XmasIntro, Alle Im Sack, Screw it Santa! I’m gonna be Rudolfant anyway!, Sixteen.Flare, In the end of everything…, Leon 3, ACID 64 Player Pro v3.5, SID Known v1.07, Merry Hexmas, Pixmas Trip, Burger Time ’97 Loading Picture, Happy Holidays, Quaralline, Cowboy Duel – Live Your Dream!, Lotek64 #47, DeathTRO, Phase Out +4, CiA Radio Awesome Logo 9, CiA Radio Awesome Logo 10, Cowboy Duel +1DE [english+german], FM64 guitar filter, BMP2LOGO V1.0.1, Cowboy Duel – Live Your Dream! +D, High Voltage SID Collection V60, Hell Santa, Rudolph!!!!!, Santa’s Secret, In Dulci Jubilo, Cowboy Duel +1F DE [english+german] [pal/ntsc], Christmas Spirit, Outbreak +1F 101% [pal/ntsc], Onslaught Intro [Hellfire V3], Mirror Image +, Risk Preview, Indeflataball Preview +4, Make My Day Preview +3, Outbreak + 101%, Cowboy Duel – Live Your Dream! +2DF [pal/ntsc], Xmas Petscii Demo, O Come All Ye Faithful, Xmas 2013 Picture, Xmas Three-Screener, Rolloverture +3D, Othello +F [pal/ntsc], Merry Xmas 2013, Mulafton 2013, Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, Oh, FU*K! Wrong screeeeen…, Brick Buster Preview, View64 v1.57, Simple “Nine Sprites” Demo, Goattracker german tutorial, Othello v1.0, Christmas is Awesome 2, Commagain, Rainbow Dragon 101% +11DX [pal/ntsc], Vidball, Vidball +3D, Crazy Caverns +3H, Invert [Final Edition], Invert (Final Edition) +7HF [pal/ntsc], Invert Loader Picture, Channel 4 4:15pm, Inertiania +, Re-Alienator +2, Night Raid +2, Final Results of Intro Creation Competition Collection, Genesis Project Multiselector, RGCD 16k Cart Compo 2013 Collection [EasyFlash] and Franz Falckenhaus Trident Crisis.

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