Bruce Lee, Commodore 64 Review By Rob Joy

Long ago, in a time of honour, stood a great temple, a Shaolin temple standing for a thousand years which has been desecrated by a foul demon.

Enter the Dragon … our hero Bruce Lee.
Standing at the gates of the temple, you enter stealthily collecting lanterns swaying in the ethereal breeze. Leaping and jumping, using all your skills as a kung fu master, you enter each room which is guarded by a huge Sumo Wrestler and a deadly ninja whose soul purpose is to take you down.

Cleverly working together as deadly duo, they coordinate their efforts, with the wrestler shouting orders to the ninja to charge into the frey to impale you with his katana. This is the point where your years of training in the martial arts come into affect as you duck to avoid blows and thrusts, leap into the air to knock down your opponent using flying kicks and jump onto hanging netting and rigging as the action intensifies.

The sheer variation of rooms to be explored is vast and each with its own pitfalls and perils to be navigated in the endless search to find the demon lying deep within the bowels of the ancient temple. Electrified beams and floor panels, protruding spikes and puzzles to be completed with the ever present threat of the vile deadly duo pursuing you, the challenge becomes ever more difficult.

Cunning, stealth and physical balance are key as you encounter more and more obstacles in your path, sequentially collecting items in order to open doors, falling from heights to crush opponents below and shimmy across ceilings, your skills are indeed tested as the myriad of rooms and pathways all lead to one place. Your destiny! The terrible demon waiting below. Are you fast enough? Are you strong enough? You’re gonna have to be as what you thought was one defiled temple soon becomes many with faster, deadlier demonic guards and more traps and puzzles to be completed as the number of demonic dwellings increases.

Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64 was a huge title forgotten in the annals of time and a challenge well worthy of players, as such this classic comes strongly recommended as you won’t be disappointed.

[youtube CX8jdKNO4t8 nolink]
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Review by: Rob Joy

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