Ghostbusters, Commodore 64 Review By Rob Joy

“We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass!”

‘Ghostbusters’. We all remember the classic movie, we all remember the logo and we most certainly remember the merchandise, however it’s the video game tie in under the microscope here and one of Activision’s finest. Released on all platforms, the Commodore 64 was able to put all its hardware to full use with a classic.

New york has fallen foul to an increase in spectral energy causing the spirits of the afterlife to venture into the physical plane and cause havoc amongst the living. Running amok is there no one to stop the hauntings of the city? Is anybody out there willing to put themselves in the firing line of pranking poltergeists and disgusting blobs?

“Ghostbusters.. We’re ready to believe you!”

Beginning with a budget of ten thousand dollars given to you by the panic stricken mayor of the city, your first task is to kit out one of many vehicles with paranormal packages, including a P.K. indicator for tracking ghosts, traps and bait and so forth. The amount of equipment carried depends on your use of funds as different vehicles come with varying load capacities and speeds, each vehicle having a different dollar value so choose wisely as over spending can leave you in a world of ectoplasmic goo!

After leaving the depot the next stage is to navigate the many streets of the city waiting for the first call to bust that ghost, and before long the calls come thick and fast as buildings light up indicating a haunting. Guiding the logo icon through the quickest route to the target building, drive fast as speed is of the essence. Upon arrival and exiting the car the team splits into two in an attempt to trap the green ghoul by dropping traps underneath the floating menace and taking position each side, steadily setting the trap. “Throw it!” Firing the ever so safe, un-tested nuclear accelerator pack weapons, the team close in, masking escape impossible, the trap is fired and the beam ascends to capture the fiend ready for transport to the storage unit back at base.

While all this busting action ensues, a terrifying plot reveals itself, it becomes apparent there is something bigger at work as wraiths from every corner begin to ominously glide to central tower, why? Whats happening?

Observing the cities P.K. reading, each time a ghoul reaches the building the energy increases and as the energy increases so does the intent of the paranormal activity. Multiple calls come in with several buildings raising the alarm making your profit margin increase but also raising the amount of work to be done, and remember, don’t cross the streams or miss the target, unless of course you have some weird fetish for being covered in slime.

“ooh’, I feel so funky!”

Dropping bait on the roads causes gatherings of the spirits to home in to investigate, giving the opportunity to suck them up into the unearthly hoover mounted on the hood of your car, allowing more time to take calls and raise cash to pay back the loan given at the beginning of the saga.

Eventually as you become inundated and overwhelmed, the psychic energy of the city peaks and all hell breaks loose and the ambitions of the underworld become apparent. “Choose your destructor!” What could be more terrifying than a giant marshmallow man, trampling down on the buildings, adding to the cost of damage to the city, your explanation better be good as the dreaded ‘Zuul’ reveals himself.

Driving with all haste, you must guide your team through the entrance to central tower, guarded by the oversized gooey giant. The onus being on timing as each member of the team must sneak under the giant, no simple task because if all the members fail the game is over so be quick but vigilant.

“Aim for the flat top!”

Zuul is reached and dispatched back to the underworld and the city is saved, no time for those celebrations because the normality is short lived. Profit made from the epic struggle is carried over, allowing spending to increase to purchase improved equipment and vehicles as the action intensifies. Well…. Who wants to work 9 to 5 anyway?

Great game, You won’t be disappointed ;)

[youtube ElJNQxgKZPw nolink]
“Who ya’ gonna’ call?!… GHOSTBUSTERS!!”

Review by: Rob Joy

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