Walker, Amiga Review by Rob Joy

“Now hear this.. Now hear this!”

Walker, a game by DMA for the commodore Amiga. There, that’s the business end sorted,

Lets get to it!!

Unlike any mainstream shooter back in the day, Walker offered an original dynamic, a dynamic changing the way adrenaline packed mayhem offered itself to players wishing to engage in the sheer savagery and brutality of mechanised murder.

Beginning the mission, being sent through varying time zones, the full wrath of the third reich must be destroyed. Your weapon of destruction? A well oiled, nuts and bolts, twin mini-gunned, engineered biped. Slamming down each mechanically operated leg using the joystick left and right, you progress through bombed out buildings and rubble, encountering threat after threat.

Troops leaning from windows, horse drawn artillery pieces, abseiling special forces, tanks etc. In fact the whole of the German army is called up in an attempt to stop you in your tracks. The gameplay couldn’t be more simple, destroy everything! With the grinding gears of your engine and metallic spin of the twin mounted mini-guns, the casualties soon mount up. Taking extra care not to over heat the guns and avoiding the shells, bombs and bullets the action intensifies as fighter planes unleash paratroopers and Zeppelins empty their payload on your position, a good thing your denizen of doom comes with shields.

Laying waste to the targets below and above using the mouse to move crosshairs over the enemy, your purpose and primary goal approaches. Two V.2. Rockets, spewing forth from underneath the ground through silo doors. No simple feat as reservists pour out to defend the weapons of mass destruction to help see the launch through, so a steady nerve and clenched jaw are essential as the count down cannot be stopped.

Mission complete?? Not a chance! Your skills as a mech. pilot are called on time after time, and we mean time after time, as you are transported to your next mission and time zone, Los Angeles in the future, a bleak future indeed as the ravages of nuclear war have left the cities in ruin and improvised vehicles of warfare being encountered, again to bring you crashing down from the dizzy heights of the cockpit of your behemoth into cinders on the ground.

[youtube 3lQJ9UEG-Co nolink]
Games don’t come much more challenging than Walker, they certainly don’t come as unforgiving and merciless and such tests the metal of even the most hardened of ‘shoot em up’ veterans.So if you think your in a position to pilot one the most visceral, adrenaline packed games the Commodore Amiga has to offer….

Step up!….. Climb in!…. We dare you!

Review by: Rob Joy

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