Retro Asylum Episode 66!

ra_66MrSid & Company have done it again! It’s surely time to tune into more Retro Asylum Podcast Goodness! Their latest offering is Podcast Episode 66 – ‘Top 20 Games Ever’.

Welcome back to the 1st episode in 2014 of the UK’s Number 1 Retro Gaming Podcast “The Retro Asylum”.

  • Andy tells you about what he’s been up to.
  • An early birthday present from Uniforix.
  • What retro gaming events are happening this year.
  • Changes to the podcast.
  • Doing the podcast live.
  • The Top 20 games as chosen by the Retro Asylum team and community.
  • How you can win some lovely Ocean goodies (courtesy of Arron white)

Also don’t forget all the previous podcast episodes are available to listen to on their fantastic website! Check it out and more over at

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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