Rambo, First Blood Part II, Commodore 64 Review By Rob Joy

“The average age of the combat soldier in Vietnam was 19.”

Not the case here! John Rambo, a green beret special forces combat veteran, you!!

After landing several menial jobs and drifting from one place to another, the gratitude and memory of your services to your country are long forgotten, or at least you thought they were until contact is established from the U.S. government requiring your skills on a top secret mission, a mission which must not be made public.

After the Vietnam war several U.S. servicemen are still unaccounted-for, the assumption is that they’re still being held prisoner and have no idea the war is over. We want you to go back out there and find them. Satellite imaging has proven there are still camps and barracks that are fully operational, a fact that we’re sure you’ll agree cannot be made public so your orders are.. Get in, rescue the p.o.w.’s, get out! You are not, repeat not to engage the enemy!!

An epic movie title deserves an epic video game tie in and Ocean delivered that to home systems back in the mid 80’s. With the sound and graphics capability of the C64, Rambo was to become a classic.

With a similar dynamic as the game ‘Commando‘, beginning with a combat knife and bow for stealth, you make your way through the dense Vietnamese jungles and temples to reach the camp holding the prisoners. The key here is indeed stealth as any noise attracts the attentions of the guards patrolling the perimeter, so choice of weaponry is paramount. Explosive tipped arrows, machine gun fire from weapons collected along the way may come in useful but only at the right time as the gates to the camp are reached.

Blasting a hole in the gates, all hell breaks loose as troops pour out of barracks, mounted machine guns from watchtowers fire down on your position. Not engaging the enemy becomes unavoidable as the shocking truth of you’re mission becomes clear, a U.S. P.O.W. strapped tightly to branches bound together. Using the combat knife to cut the bonds, the prisoner gives the location of others… “Others?!”

Barracks holding captives must be located and the captives freed, what you thought was a reconnaissance mission soon becomes all out war with you’re enemy of old.

Again feeling the distrust of the politicians who sent you there during the war, you make your escape using any means necessary, a chopper..
The only option to get these guys out!

With enemy gunships in pursuit, will you make it? Will you’re training as a full combat veteran help you and the frail hostages to escape the dense, humid jungles of Vietnam?!

[youtube NHQFbyOzwBc nolink]
Review by: Rob Joy

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