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tnd_2014Latest news updates over at The New Dimension are as follows:

DARK FORCE released
Dark_Force_LoaderThis is TND’s first ever game for 2014, and hopefully not the last :). What was originally a challenge to launch the first ever C64 game on New Year’s day, sadly failed. As the game was originally too short, had loads of issues and problems, now the good news is that with huge thanks to Alf Yngve’s help and support with this project. TND have finally brought to you the final fully innovated version of Dark Force, created using Sensible Software’s Shoot Em Up Construction Kit – with loads of major enhancements taking place. Fly the Dark Force through 3 zones, fighting against the Cygons, their allied forces and destroy all 20 generators, which operates the Cygon laser cannon.  This game was inspired by “Light Force”, a real classic by Hewson. Huge thanks also to JSL for the nice loading pic, which has been used on both .D64 and .TAP versions of this game :)


Entry #1 – Another Day, Another Zombie by Carl Mason

Another_Day_Another_Zombie_GameThe competition has already received a first entry, in which might probably put you off camping :). Another Day, Another Zombie, written by Carl Mason. This party game stars you as a bounty hunter, which has to defend a camp site from being invaded by Zombies. This is a static screen shoot ’em up, which is a score attack to try and defeat the zombies. The game will end if you die and the camp is invaded. Zombies love brains you know :)


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