WinUAE 2.7.1 beta 3

– Sprites near left border had strange corruption (b1)
– “toscr_nbits > 16” error in some situations (b1)
– “Modified interrupt delays” b1 change was bad, sometimes interrupt request was kept active causing spurious interrupts (which caused crashes).
– New autoresolution selection was not loaded correctly from config file.
– Blitter final D write don’t increase “nasty” count. (Which makes sense, blit is already finished, blitbusy bit was cleared 2 cycles ago)
– Removed most BPLxDAT related hacks, they become obsolete after b2 BPLCON1 update (it also changed how data gets moved to shift registers). May introduce new glitches and if it does, it needs correct emulation updates, not hacks.


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