WinUAE 2.7.1 beta 7

– A4091 and A4000T NCR53C710 SCSI emulation works now! Now all built-in devices in all supported setups are emulated. I guess last interesting big missing Commodore designed part is CD32 MPEG module.
– Added A4000T and A4091 to ROM scanner results window.
– Added A590/A2091 and A4091 boot ROM selection to GUI, if empty, uses old automatic selection.
– A590/A2091 + Fast RAM: Fast RAM is always first, A590/A2091 second, then other boards (if enabled), now matches real A590/A2091 with fast ram installed.
– HID RawInput had wrong access mode in device open call, failed if other users of same device used different access modes.
– 68EC020 “opcode x has faulty prefetch” triggered too easily when program did stupid things. (It is only a debug feature, it will be gone someday)
– AGA high fetch mode screens with ddfstop near the end of right border were completely blank.
– DDFSTRT limit should go away if programmed mode or superhires (broke in some previous beta).
– Reset horizontal display window if it is still active at the end of scanline (even if it is larger than last hpos value) if programmed mode or superhires. Perhaps this is wrong, perhaps not, not bothered to test yet.. (Background “leak” in right edge in some wide programmed mode screens)
– Accept uaehf.device open call even if ioreq->io.Message.mn_Length is invalid or too small.
– Renamed some protection dongle names in GUI.


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