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129089Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Three-Headed Boy, Gypsies, HerMIDI-1.0b, Baby I Love Your Cannons, Kapla Caves, The Greatest Pal, Truckstop Alaska, Fylleloop, Arcade Football &GD, Vandalism News #61, Love, Let’s Music, GBG crunchFunk, Better Call Saul, Ett paket strösocker, The Great Ballad of the Storm That Never Ends, Kalmar Nyckel, Äppelepsi Gubbjävel, Music Theory, Atlantis + F4CG Co-op Intro 4, Shimozumochi, Guns & Ammo, Hyperbole, Lifecycle, Creating Chiptunes with SID-Wizard – Second Edition, SID-Wizard 1.6, Charts and Tables for SID-Wizard 1.6, We Are All Connected, Continuum, Fist of Trade, Goats Who Stare at Men, Guld till Kalla, The Doors of Perception, Musik Run/Stop, Valentine, Hell Yeah, Farmsong 2010 [REU], Foursome, For a Few $D001 More, Syntax Eruption, Bartholomew Dragon, Valentine, Stripbeetz, Serpent, CP-listan 1000, Dragoneye, Strikeforce, Yarr!, Five Shades of Götta, Wasting data, Ze bramblebee, Canon457II, Kebab Pjuck II, Planet Åstorp, Rewarped 4k, Doraemon is Fucking Tripping, Stay Forever, Beer Time, The Accident, Kind of Blew It, Spacefacelift, JSL Rebble, Stratagos +4, Castle Boy +3, A SID Tribute to Nino Rota, Canon457 Study #2 [2SID], Metro-Cross +5MDHGF [pal/ntsc], Serpent – 5 rasterline and 1102 bytes song, Canon457 Study #1 and Amelie Poulain Goes Chip.

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