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shapeimage_2With the humble ZX81 receiving its very own version of the worldwide mobile gaming hit “Flappy Bird”, We did wonder how long it would take until someone converted it to the Commodore Amiga. The answer? Not long.

Coded by Michael Gibs, this is a conversion of Nguyen Ha Dong’s mobile title “Flappy Bird”, which, although released in mid 2013 gained massive popularity earlier this year. By the end of January 2014 it was the most downloaded free game in Apple’s iOS App Store, and was earning its developer a whopping $50,000 per day from in-app advertising! The completed Amiga version was uploaded to Aminet on Thursday, and you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s free of any advertisements.

Below is the game in action, running on Michael’s Open Pandora device;

[youtube 9UaG2wtbGA8 nolink]

The Flappy Bird Amiga release notes list the following features:
  • 4/3 320×200 screen in 26 Colours.
  • GFX as good as the mobile version.
  • More pipes than the mobile version.
  • 50/60 fps with a 12Mhz processor and Fast Ram.
  • Music by SLL (https://soundcloud.com/sll)

There’s no mention that this is AGA only, but Michael does state that you’ll need a 12mhz system or better for this to work properly.

If you’d like to download Flappy Bird Amiga for yourself you can find the official web site here and the Flappy Bird section on the Aminet here.

Source: http://amigagamer.blogspot.co.uk

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