BetterWB 3.4

betterwbBetterWB 3.4 03-March-2014

This is a new version of BetterWB workbench pack, that aims to be an enhancement, an updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1, without all those hardware requirements typically associated with these kind of packs. It is indeed a better 3.1 than 3.1 itself!

BetterWB works on any Amiga. It installs on top of a clean AmigaOS 3.1 installation. It is distributed as a set of floppy images and occupies about 10MB of harddrive space.

Changes since last version:

-Fixed two enforcer hits present in the Status command since CBM days
-Fixed a compatibility problem that surfaced with ClassAct (Thanks David)
-Fixed some problems with deficons when using glowicons (Thanks Jarek)
-Updated icon.library to 46.4.334
-Added a new commodity (CronTask) that can easily manage job scheduling
-Added a warning to both MagicMenu and CronTask prefs, so you can only configure them when they are actually running
-Plus Many more fixes and minor enhancements

You can download BetterWB from its homepage at:

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