Crowdfunding: "Armiga" emulates A500 and reads Amiga-disks

[youtube WWPOYFEDl3I nolink]

On the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the following project is advertised: A Raspberry Pi in a self-made case with a classic Amiga design is to emulate an Amiga. What makes this “Armiga” special: A little daughterboard controls the disk drive which is also included and makes for compatibility with Amiga disks. The final product is supposed to include a licenced copy of Kickstart 1.3.

Apart from the mentioned daughterboard and the case, Armiga is based on existing hardware and software: A single board computer with Dualcore-ARM-CPU (the prototype is using a Raspberry Pi), Android and a version of UAE which is not explained in detail. The daughterboard can read complete disks – the disks are converted into an ADF-Image and saved to a provided SD-card. The disks have to be read in full before you can access its contents, you cannot access the contents of the disks directly. Besides, this does not work with copy-protected disks.

The crowdfunding campaign started on March 21st and will be finished on May 20th. If the campaign will not succeed in collecting at least 140.000 US-Dollar, the donators will get back the money. If more money will be paid, there will be a lot of additional features which the developers will implement, e.g. emulating some other computer operating systems, providing HDF-support, emulating AGA-Amigas and writing ADF-images to disks.


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