Retro Planet #3

2_retroplanet03_152 full color pages full of Amiga & Retro stuff!

  • A special article about the history of Microsoft. The first ten years of the geeks that rule the computer world. Yes it all started on the minds of two students without a personal computer at home.
  • First official hardware review on the Greek press for the new ACA 500.
  • A report of the first Greek Amicamp, the official Greek Amiga exhibition.
  • A PC Engine special article.
  • The PC platform games we never played. Why?
  • Battle Squadron remake, the review.
  • 8 Magic bits: Commodore 16 & Plus/4

…and many more!!!!

The magazine is focused on Amiga of course, but it includes topics about other computers and consoles as well. The magazine comes out every three months -four issues a year-.

It is written in Greek language however they are planning to promote it online as well with some special exclusive articles in English so stay tuned. To give a start in this they have uploaded their English Blog here:

Website: or send your order @ amigaplanetgrrece AT gmail DOT com. They accept PayPal.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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