WinUAE 2.7.1 beta 14

– FSINCOS second register supported in disassembler.
– FMOVEM and FMOVECR disassembler support. Disassembler should now support all FPU instructions.
– Added missing special case 68020+ instruction disassembler support: bit fields, MOVES.
– Disassembler output improved, most unsized instructions don’t have .L size extension anymore.
– Action Replay 2/3 was incompatible with b8 cpu emulation changes.
– CPU mode (JIT/more compatible/cycle-exact) on the fly switching was unstable since b8.
– Mirror Expansion panel RTG scale options in Filter panel. (More options will be added in future)
– Removed some forced inlining that only increased size of executable and wasted CPU cache space.
– Added support for early 68040 revision that has slightly different FPU stack frames and version id. (Config file fpu_revision=0x40). Not much use in Amiga emulation but first 68040 based Next systems came with first revision 68040’s and NextStep 2.0 unimplemented emulation code only supported first revision unimplemented stack frame type.
– FMOVEM predec/postinc mode bit emulation fixed again, now it really works correctly.
– Implemented (partial) 68040 FPU BUSY stack frame.
– Pre filters in RTG mode loaded incorrectly from config file.
– Implemented FPU exception state statefile support.
– b13 JIT FPU bug workaround replaced with fixed optimization (Peter Keunecke)
– Attempt to automatically select correct resolution (hires/shres) when programmed mode is active. Always active if resolution setting is hires or larger and doubling is enabled. No more programmed modes that are 2x wide or half width without manually changing resolution setting, note that currently “wrong” mode is visible at least 1 frame before mode changes.
– Arcadia game Aaargh supported.


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