For the last few weeks we’ve been working like maniacs on the CiA website, and it’s starting to turn around real nice :)

At the moment we are *very* interested in receiving Title Screen and In-game Screen Grabs of Commodore games, Any game, any Commodore Computer, in the highest resolutions please, (.png or high quality .jpg, No Filters or Scanlines) You can send them to us using our upload page, there’s also ftp details too if you prefer to use this method.

We are especially looking for scans, books, manuals, adverts, brochures, basically anything ‘Commodore’ you can lay your hands on! Feel free to contact us with a list of what you have. We will get back to you telling you what we would like to get scanned.

We are also interested in receiving more box scans, the more you send us the more motivated we get!

Let’s Rock! :)

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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