WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 18

Beta 18: (RC1, possibly next week official release)

– 0xFFFF was not returned when reading write-only or non-existing custom register and previous cycle was idle cycle. Not exactly 100% correct but more compatible with programs that accidentally read wrong custom registers.
– Cirrus Logic emulation had some useless logging enabled.
– Added GUI option to enable/disable new automatic programmed mode resolution selection to Display panel, enabled by default. (For example if you want to use superhires all the time and use filter panel to scale the display back to correct aspect ratio)
– Unexpanded A1200 also reads last fetched opcode word when accessing non-existing memory, similar to unexpanded A500. (more compatible and cycle-exact only)
– Last possible displayable line was incorrectly drawn in border color in some situations when short field mode was active.


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