Amiga A1200 Magic Pack

Amiga A1200 Magic Pack

“Prowler” from EAB, and our very own resident GFX Artist/Admin “DH”, have used their time to restore an Amiga A1200 Magic Pack box, by means of photography by “prowler”, and restoration by “DH”, who used a variety of methods and skills, unique to himself, to achieve the outcome. This has taken quite some time to achieve, and has now been completed and submitted for everyone to enjoy.

The full image is about 5000px x 4000px and was first requested in a thread created by the EAB member “klokwirk”, who recently bought the Magic Pack bundle. The only down side to this purchase was that it didn’t come in the original Magic Pack box due to disintergration through time. So prowler & DH took the task on to provide something that is hugely better than anything else that can be found on the interent.

Please read the full thread on EAB here Amiga Magic Pack photos? and perhaps you could contribute in the thread too.

The image itself has been provided to you in a zipped file, which is about 23Mb and when un-zipped the contents are about 80Mb. The image itself is a .bmp format to keep it compatible for everyone, and to keep the quality maximised (as standard .jpg will simply destroy the quality).

The file format .bmp was chosen because it is a very common format that image processing programs from many operating systems can read, also it doesn’t suffer compression deterioration like the standard JPEG formats either. I considered using the .png format, as I usually use this anyway, but the flaw in this format is that it marginally lowers the original dpi, and I wanted all you guys to be able to download something that was exactly the same as what I have. I have listened to many people complaining about why I used the .bmp format, so have also added a .png version for you all too, which is around 17Mb extracted, and roughly the same zipped.

The only requests regarding the image are as follows: The QRCode and text info, that has been placed onto the left & right side barcode white space, stays in place in its original entirety and without modification. Thanks.

For your security, the .bmp file CRC32 & MD5 hash values are below:-
CRC32: 004808eb
MD5: 550d9f5bb9fe78825e44187d001aa039

Download BMP: Magic Pack Full
Download PNG: Magic Pack Full

Author: DH

5 thoughts on “Amiga A1200 Magic Pack

  1. Hello
    I need full-size files for Commodore Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 cartons for my huge collection not for free, of course I will be grateful, urgent matter.
    Zenon Augustn

    1. Hi Zenon, when this was made was really so people could have a model of the box. The files are in high-resolution so I believe you could try to find a print shop that would do it for you.

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