'Rave is illegal!' the Amiga500 album by Yerzmyey

yerzmyey-rave_is_illegal_front_New Amiga album from Yerz: ‘Rave is illegal!’.
Amiga 500 this time – and standard 4-channel music, 8-bit quality, made with OctaMED 4.0.
Recorded from real hardware (stereo slightly changed). All the music has been made on Amiga 500 (4 channels, 8-bit quality of sound) using the OctaMED 4.0 program.
Speech/vocal samples come usually from the MusicRadar. Female vocal by Mandy Edge.
Cover-art: rendering made on Amiga by Jubi; the cover design by Factor6.

Download: yerzmyey-rave_is_illegal.zip
Example songs to check out:
Website: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl
Source: http://www.bitfellas.org

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