The Little Big Thing: AmiKit 7 on bootable Flash Disk

Jan Zahurancik quotes:

Today we reached a milestone in Amiga emulation! We proudly invite anyone interested in this topic to visit our brand new website because ..

We’re very happy to announce that the 7th major update of AmiKit, the high-end Amiga emulation package, has been released on a BOOTABLE compact and sleek solid metal design flash disk. It easily attaches to your keys and provides a capacity of 8 GB, with AmiKit pre-installed! (LIMITED EDITION)

Moreover, our new AmiKit is now available for every major desktop and mobile platform including:

Windows (XP, 7 and 8)
Mac OS X (Intel or PowerPC)
Linux (32bit or 64bit)
Android (v4.2+, ARM7 or x86 CPU)
Real Amiga (v1.0 unofficial, 68030+AGA)


2_amikitliveboot_screenshot_2small_1As you can see on the screenshot, AmiKit Flash Disk boots into special Linux environment, called AmiPUP, with AmiKit 7 pre-installed!

AmiPUP is a very small lightweight “live boot” Linux system. It works with almost any x86 computer (not including Macs) that can boot from CD or USB.
At boot, AmiPUP loads EVERYTHING into RAM, so all applications load blazing fast! Changes can be saved to the USB or multi-session CD boot device (or not at all). The host system is never touched! Thank you for your support. Enjoy!!


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