WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 2

– Quickstart GUI disk eject button was unreliable.
– HAM mode right border in some situations (Uridium 2 title screeen in some filter modes), also restored proper operation (got broken long time ago) of original “fast mode” if HAM scanline does not have any color register changes.
– CIA update (which I forgot to mention in b1 changelog) improved, was not fully compatible if CPU was faster than 68000 , do not trigger CIA interrupt while CPU is accessing any CIA register (not 100% confirmed but seems to be true), this also made b1 CPU mode switching unreliable.
– Reduced diskready (motor rotating at full speed) activation time by small amount, fixes Critical Mass / Parallax.
– Disk inserted (if replacing existing disk) and disk ready bit setting time is now more “random”, now delay time counts scanlines, previously it counted vblanks (=disk was always inserted at vblank)
– Removed 270b16 Windows 8.1 mouse bug workaround, bug seems to be fixed.


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