C64intros Update

c64_intros75 new intros and 35 new groups added. 

New groups added: Two Live Crew [2LC], Above and Beyond [AAB], Acid House, Antisoft Incorporated, Assault (DE), Bad Batch, Crap Industries, Danish Piracy Society, Exult, Fantasia [FTS], First Cracking Girls Group, Flexible, Helix, Inzane, KDF, Lethal (US), Lindenstrasse, Megabyte, Energy [NRG], Omega Crackings, Obliterators of the Rebel City [ORC], Rasta, Reality, Sabian, Sanity, Sector 18, Sisters Of Mercy [SOM], Greatest Crackers, The [TGC], Secret Service, The (DE) [TSS], Secret Service, The (HU) [TSS], Ultimate Mayas, The [TUM], Unit 2 [U2], Unit 5 [U5], Unity (DE), Welsh Cracking Service [WCS].

Website: http://intros.c64.org

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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