MorphOS: UAE4All 0.32, Anaglyph 3D 0.1 and Overw8-bits

Pedro Gil Guirado has updated the MorphOS-port of the Amiga emulator UAE4All. Additionally he has released Anaglyph 3D which is a programm for creating stereoscopic pictures for red-blue-glasses as well as Overw8-bits which is 4K-intro for MorphOS.

Changes in UAE4All 0.32 (MorphOS version):

  • Sound sync problem fixed
  • Bug fixed loading ADF disks outside program directory
  • MUI GUI is opened before initializing emulation
  • Fixed several problems in MUI GUI
  • Added vertical screen position in MUI GUI
  • Added a message requester when kick.rom file isn’t found
  • Added english and spanish locale catalogs

Download: uae4all_rc3_032.lha
Download: anaglyph3d.lha
Download: overw8bits.lha

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