WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 10

– Added CyberStormI/II/II/PPC and Blizzard PPC flash rom images to rom scanner, name based detection only. (Remember to click ROM rescan button) Now opens usual ROM missing dialog when flash rom image can’t be opened.
– Added GUI support for manual accelerator board ROM image selection.
– NCR53C770 emulation spurious interrupt fix.
– Reset/exit froze the emulation if PPC CPU was in sleeping state.
– Map ROM checkbox was checked if 128M CPU slot memory was configured (old bug).
– 68030 more compatible/CE with MMU does not use data cache anymore, 68030 caches logical addresses (which will get really difficult and complex to emulate), 68040+ caches physical addresses.
– CyberStorm PPC/Blizzard PPC board emulation improved, PowerUP also works.
– Do not map PPC board FFF00000 memory mirror if no on-board RAM installed.
– Generate CyberStorm/BPPC fake flash rom hardware idenfication data and serial if it is missing.
– If CyberStorm MK3/PPC flash image is 256k or larger, map it like BPPC does it. (Not sure if this is correct)
– Reset with Picasso IV enabled forced hard reset.
– Z2 RTG crash fixed (some configurations).
– Added PPC GUI option to CPU panel. If ticked, selects matching board automatically. Becomes ticked and disabled if board was already selected. 68040/060 only. (CSPPC/BPPC flash boot code uses 68040+ only instructions)
– Move PPC thread to main thread when m68k gets disabled, improves performance of native PPC operating systems. (No need to move IO access messages between threads)
– Disable RTG board if >2M chip ram configured and Z2 RTG configured. (Forgotten address conflict check)
– OSD CPU led changes to “PPC” when PPC is active and m68k is disabled.


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