BrainSport Extreme

BrainSport-Extreme_1BrainSport Extreme is a Sokoban based game that is designed for people who are above experts when it comes to puzzle games of this type. The game challenges you to complete 100 puzzles that are designed to be very difficult. This is a pc remake of the original 1991 Spectrum game called Brain Sport. (Video)

A simple game concept
In Sokoban style games all you have to do is move boxes over specific areas in a 2D surface. It sounds simple enough but you can only push one box at a time, so if you manage to place it in a spot from where you can’t move it anymore, you’ll have to restart the level.

To raise the bar even higher, in BrainSport Extreme, the space you have to move around is very well thought out, meaning that it’s very small. Like a chess player, you’ll have to think 20 steps ahead before you make one move. Although, chances are even chess players will have their work cut out for them if they play this game.

Appealing classic arcade look
BrainSport Extreme uses very simple and surprisingly pleasant graphics. Of course there are similar puzzle games that look way better and are more attractive, but this release is intended to overwork your mind and not your eyes.

Controls are simple as you’ll be using the arrow keys to interact with your little crate mover, along with a few others that enable or disable music, sound FX and other things. Since the game is designed to offer a higher level of difficulty, you are able to save the position of your character so you can go back to it if the path you took doesn’t lead to anything good.

Difficult but still fun
All in all, BrainSport Extreme is a nice little game to have whenever you want to test the limits of your patience and puzzle solving skills. It’s harder than most similar releases but the satisfaction of completing one is far greater.

ZXRetroSoft plan to release a Commodore 64 version in the near future, stay tuned and enjoy!

Download: BrainSport Extreme 1.0

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