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miss_pixcenLatest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Bogota Humana Team 2014, Lost Rose on Alpha-Centauri, BossaNovaLoad, A Yakuza’s Dream, Dreaming of Leon, Mutations, Cannibals from Space, N3XU5 Logo, Vision Logo “Deliquescence”, Clone Demo, ECCC 2014 -tp, Xena, Powerglove [RGCD Cartridge Edition] +6D, Robin of the Wood +12DG +PIC +MAP, Krakout – DoReCo Party Edition, Calvario, Stuemp! like, All I Really Want, Dark Ocean [Loader], Miss Pixcen, Welcome Back, Mr Rambo, To the Batcave!, 000-036 The Game of Life, Dm Unreleased, Avatro, Atam, AFL-Intro 2014 #02, Mission Omega +1D, John Motherfuckin’ Rambo, Wheel Space, One Riff Loader (8580), Vision Logo “Wanted”, Magic Desk Compatible Cartridge Generator 2.0, Space Adventurer Danger Linus, BASF, Pink Orgasm Intro, Total Eclipse II -JEWEL-, Lara Croft – Tomb Raider, Illegal kalsongdata, Go Big or Go Home, King’s Valley Preview, Shine ‘In Love’, Micro Loader, 4k intro + sid note, Burnin’ Pen ’64 [bugfix], Ritualistic Analogue, Generation 64, Compusphere 2014 invitation, Nautilus Descending, EMERGENCY!!!!, Press Play, Mad Ninja Preview, MotherLoad, Meet the Family, Slug +30D +Fix, Hollywood Basement, Retro-Loader, I’m gonna be famous on C64, Bit Invaders, Going to X, Space Action 2 Preview, Shine Logo Show.

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