Manchester's Play Expo Retrogaming Show

It was held in Manchester (UK) last weekend the event Play Expo, which included a great retro-gaming show. The reddit’s user spetrumero posted today some great pictures and a report of his participation on the event, which we partially reproduce here:

“Play Expo probably has Europe’s – maybe the world’s – largest retrogaming show. I usually bring some kit to exhibit, this year you can see a MicroVAX 3100, a classic Macintosh with Crystal Quest, a Vectrex equipped with a Multicart, a BBC Micro and three networked Sinclair Spectrums. The Spectrums are networked using ethernet and the VAX serves also as a fileserver. One of the 48K machines is in fact a clone called the Harlequin, which builds on Chris Smith’s work to reverse engineer the Spectrum’s semi-custom chip. Play Expo had also perhaps 100 arcade machines, around 100 pinball machines, 200+ retro computers and at least a couple hundred retro consoles.” (spetrumero – Reddit’s Retrobattlestations)

Source: Retrobattlestations
More photos: imgur

Author: Paulo Garcia

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