Prince of Persia’s 25th Birthday

Prince of PersiaThis month of October, the original Prince of Persia game is turning 25 years old. Looking at the game today running on my Apple II, I still think how great the animation is, considering the limited hardware the Apple II is for today’s standards. To celebrate this date, its creator, Jordan Mechner wrote a nice post on Tumblr where he thanks the users saying that “the reception you’ve given the prince over the past quarter-century has been a greater reward than I ever imagined.”

Before the month ends, you should get that old disk out of the drawer, or download the Apple II disk image from our site and play and enjoy the game. Maybe you can share a bit of the experience with comments or photos posting them on Vintage Is The New Old Subreddit. You don’t have to play on an Apple II! Any platform will do!

After that, you can spend some quality time reading all about PoP development directly from the author’s website.

Finally, if you are brave enough, get the game’s source code and learn everything you can about it!

Link: Jordan’s Tumblr post
Link: The Making of Prince of Persia
Source Code: GitHub

Author: Paulo Garcia

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