Drop /// Inches interviews Colette Askeland

It is common knowledge that Dr. Wendell Sander is the “father” of the Apple ///, and that Daniel Kottke was the lead tech for the Sara project. But did you know that before Colette Askeland was doing board layout design for the original Macintosh prototypes, she was the PCB layout artist for the ///?
For some reason, her involvement with Apple’s first business computer has been largely ignored by history, but Drop /// Inches was fortunate to be able to chat with her about the long hours and difficult work she did before moving on to greater recognition as an original member of the Mac team. You can listen to this podcast episode following the link below:

Source: A2Central
Podcast: http://drop-iii-inches.com/2014/10/27/episode-7-colette-askeland/

Author: Paulo Garcia

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