WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 23

Beta 23:

– Dragging vhd file to harddrives panel now adds it as a HDF, not a directory if it does not contain any known filesystem or RDB identifiers.
– PCMCIA IDE was always mounted without drive since drive attribute update long time ago.
– PCMCIA IDE and SRAM can be added (card inserted) after emulation has been started.
– Replaced “JIT direct compatible” option in memory panel with more useful Z3 mapping option: Auto = Use OS mapping if possible, fall back to UAE hack if JIT direct enabled and not enough adddress space. UAE = Always use UAE hack mapping (0x10000000). NOTE: not compatible with non-m68k operating systems. This mode was always forced until 282b1. Real = Always use OS mapping (0x40000000 with alignment support), disable JIT direct if not enough address space.
– Fixed missing graphics in Disposable Hero title screen in non-cycle exact modes.
– Load config with statefile set, load another config without statefile, GUI shows no statefile selected but when starting emulation statefile was still loaded.
– CDTV-CR CD read speed is now limited to 1x/2x.
– Added CD turbo data read speed mode, affects CDTV/CDTV-CR/CD32 emulation only. SCSI CD is always in turbo mode. Checkbox in CD/Harddrives panel.
– QEMU PPC module update, now all extra dependencies are statically linked. External dlls are not needed anymore (whole pluginsqemu can be deleted). Must be located at <winuae path>pluginsqemu-uae.dll


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