Dungeon Hunt – a new game for the Atari 8 Bit!

atari gameDungeon Hunt a single player game, styled after dungeon crawl type game such as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep.  Dungeon Hunt uses a first person perspective display engine to navigate a large detailed 3D maze.  Game play is fast and intense with dynamic action and many surprises!

Consisting of 12 different dungeons, 15 unique monsters, multiple weapons, power ups and traps, Dungeon Hunt will keep you entertained for hours.

This Limited Edition package includes:

  • Deluxe numbered box
  • Personalized copy of the game
  • Brand new 5 ¼ program diskette
  • Full colour manual signed by the authours
  • Custom keychain/flashlight (to help counter your sudden fear of the dark)
  • CD containing a Level Editor and a backup digital version

Link: AtariAge Forum

Author: Paulo Garcia

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