World of Spectrum's chat wrap-up and the future


As informed by us here, the chat that was supposed to discuss the future of World of Spectrum happened and important decisions were made to ensure the future of the site. WoS forum’s user, karingal graciously posted a great summary of what was discussed and the plans made. Below you can read the main points:

  • Martijn married his beloved 9 months ago.
  • On Saturday 22nd November he’s leaving Holland to move to Thailand with his wife to start a family and a new life.
  • He’s shaved off his mustache.
  • He’s handed it over to a competent team.
  • He might return one day.
  • He’s learning Thai!!
  • His guinea pigs are going to his mum.
  • Lee Fogarty is taking over the server and moving it to a newer (faster!!) server.
  • A new team has been assembled to maintain WoS.
  • A new system is being developed to allow any of the new team to maintain or update WoS.
  • The backlog will be cleared by the new team once we are happy the new system is working 100%.
  • Any changes to WoS will begin next year.
  • Lee has a new system half written but for now a clone of the current site will be moved to the new server.
  • Testing will be done before the clone goes live.
  • A dedicated server will be used to host WoS.
  • Funding will not be an issue to run the new server.
  • The forums will be copied “as is”, along with all the posts. Nothing will be lost.
  • The forums will be on a separate server to WoS.
  • There are plans to update WoS, make it mobile responsive, and have additional info on the pages. This is not an immediate priority though.
  • Not only WoS will be copied to a new server but all the other related site (e.g.Speccy Spoilers, wiki).
  • ZX Shed is dead.

Source: WoS Forum

Author: Paulo Garcia

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