Published the winners of the Amstrad CPC-464 game development contest

[youtube cictUOfIJwA nolink]

Back in August was announced the 2nd contest for retro game development, and this year all the games needed to run on an Amstrad CPC-464. Today, the list of games and the winners were published.

The winner is Super Retro Robot Rampage by the group Vortex, and they are taking home a prize of 250€ (not too shabby!) – you can check their work watching the video above. The 2nd place went for Orc’s Dungeon by Fratcure Games, and the 3rd place went for
The Legend of CPCerdo by CPCR2. The best BASIC game prize went to
Auxilio Aereo by Antonio Corpas.

You can check all contestants’ games following the link below.

Link: Results

Author: Paulo Garcia

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