#msxdev Compo 2014

msx compo
The #msxdev Compo is a MSX software competition in which all sorts of MSX software is allowed. Maybe you prefer utilities over games, or would like to make a kick-ass MSX2+ game? Maybe you want to enter a competition, but haven’t yet because it was limited to MSX1 games? Perhaps you want to use hardware expansions like FM-PAC or Graphics9000? Then this competition is for you!

The latest entry to #msxdev Compo 2014 is: Mr. Balloon. This dexterity game for MSX2 in 32K ROM is being made by three guys who are yet to invent a name for themselves. Concentrating on the game instead of the name sounds like a good idea.

The interested in participate can enter until Dec 31st, and so far the compo has only four entries. With a prize of 100 euros, there are good odds to get the prize yourself in case you fancy to participate.

Source: MSX Resource Centre
Link: #msxdev Compo Page

Author: Paulo Garcia

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